Ballet for Martha: Making Appalachian Spring

Appalachian Spring video  

Appalachian Spring

Premiered 1944
Choreographed by Martha Graham
Original Score by Aaron Copland

The 4-part video series on this page was filmed in 1959. Directed and photographed by Peter Glushanok and produced by Nathan Kroll. Made available by WQED Pittsburgh (via YouTube).

Dancers in this film:
The Bride: Martha Graham, The Husbandman: Stuart Hodes, The Revivalist: Bertram Ross, The Pioneer Woman: Matt Turney, The Revivalists' Flock: Yuriko, Helen McGehee, Ethel Winter, Miriam Cole

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Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

The Dancer Revealed  
Martha Graham

Ovation TV | Martha Graham: The Dancer Revealed

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Modern dance owes more to Martha Graham than to any other single figure. As dancer, choreographer and teacher, she conceived and shaped the major dance form of the 20th century. Martha Graham died in 1991, at almost 97, having towered over American and world dance for seven decades. This video includes interviews with leading figures such as Agnes de Mille, Erick Hawkins, Ron Protas and many others.